Top Articles of 2018

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A new year has dawned—they seem to come faster than they used to—and I wanted to look back on my readers’ favorite articles from 2018.

#5 Heavenly Wink

Heavenly wink

I believe God gives us some “heavenly winks” or messages and signs to demonstrate His love for us. Sometimes we just need to have eyes to see them.

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#4 Six Months Of Happiness Project

Six Months of Happiness Project

I officially started my Happiness Project—named after the book by the same title by Gretchen Rubin—on October first of 2017.

At the six month mark, I wrote a review of my project thus far.

I have now completed my experiment although I have chosen to continue past the one year mark. This project is one of the best things I have done for myself.

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Top Article of 2018

#3 Blooming In The Desert

Blooming in the Desert

This blog post was about my journey to bloom in a place I would not have necessarily have chosen to put down deep roots: the Sonoran Desert.

We can bloom in places which are not optimal if we reframe our views and change our expectations.

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#2 Becoming Wholehearted

becoming wholehearted

On my Happiness Journey, two books really had a big impact on me. For obvious reasons, in my Top Articles of 2018the first one was The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. The other one was actually an audiobook, The Power of Vulnerability by Beené Brown.

This talk was life altering for me. I would encourage anyone to listen to it.

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#1 The Real Pain Of Not Belonging

Not Belonging

This article was the most popular by far.

Belonging is a right of all human beings. However, it is not always a right which comes by easily.

For us human beings, there aren’t many things that hurt more than rejection or the feeling that we fall short of the mark.

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Top Articles of 2018

Thank you to all my readers, I appreciate your time and your willingness to come to my humble blog.

May you have a wonderful New Year.


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