The Gaslight Theater, Tucson, Arizona

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The Gaslight Theater has been a fixture on the wholesome Tucsonan entertainment scene for decades. All for good reasons, it is buckets of fun.

I first became acquainted with the Gaslight Theater in the Fall of 1992 when my then soon-to-be husband took me there on our first official date. I had never experienced theater that way before.

From the outside, the Gaslight theater looks like an old saloon—which fits perfectly in the Sonoran desert of the Southwest.

Inside, the decor still looks very much like an old theater with a lot of wood and round tables with gingham table cloths. At the center of every table—which sit four—a container filled with warm buttery popcorn awaits the guests.

You can order some food—we go for pizza—or some treats.

The Gaslight Theater is quaint, warm, and inviting.

The Gaslight Theater

The Gaslight Theater Tucson

Usually, the band—consisting of piano, bass guitar, and drums—plays a lively tune, while the audience sings along. As a matter of fact, the audience participates during the entire show!

I, too, have found myself booing the bad guys and cheering on the good ones. I even sing along from my seat when one of the tunes begins.

This theater is so much fun!

The sets are quite fun and beautiful. The actors are talented and funny—we have our favorites. They often ad-lib or engage the audience, which I find both charming and delightful.

The Gaslight Theater has five shows a year: a cowboy show at the beginning of the year (which we always go see), along with shows in the Spring (March through June), Summer (June through August), and Fall (August through October); then a predictable Christmas show (October through January). I say “predictable” because the story usually follows a bad guy trying to ruin Christmas, and a good guy saving the day. The Christmas show is our least favorite.

My daughter and I always visit the Gaslight during our yearly girl get-away. This means that with the cowboy show, we—as a family—usually see two shows a year. Although, on occasion, we go three times.

The most recent show we saw, was The Rise of the Sheik. It was a blast. Our favorite actor is Todd Thompson, and he is an absolute riot.

There was recently a new actress introduced, with an amazing voice and just the right amount of attitude.

After the show, there is a themed Oleo. The time, the theme was “Dirty Dancing.”

More Information About the Gaslight Theater

Show times are:

  • Tuesday: 7 pm
  • Wednesday: 7 pm
  • Thursday: 7 pm
  • Friday:  6 pm, 8:30 pm
  • Saturday: *3 pm, 6 pm, 8:30 pm
  • Sunday: *12 pm, 3 pm, 6 pm

*only on select dates

Ticket prices (plus tax):

  • $18.95 (adults)
  • $16.95 (seniors, students and military)
  • $8.95  (children 12 & under)

 Season Tickets:

  • Adults…………………………………$94.75
  • Students & Military ……………..$84.75
  • Seniors (60+ years)………………$84.75
  • Children (12 & Under) ………….$48.37

You can also make group reservations or rent the whole theater for special occasions.

For us, the Gaslight Theater is a tradition and a great way to spend some family time.  If you are ever Tucson, and you like the theater, you should try to catch a show.

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