Simple Breakfast Date

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One can learn many lessons from a simple breakfast date.

In November, one of my action steps for “marriage” was “date like in the beginning.” I can proudly say I have stuck to this resolution ever since.

While some dates have been more grandiose than others, all of them have been quite fun and enjoyable.  Moreover, this intention to plan special rendezvous with my husband has compelled me to think outside the box from our traditional — and routine — options.


Date Planning

Similarly to a tourist, I have made lists of places to visit, new restaurants to dine at, hikes to try out, etc. I have gone as far as borrowing touristy books from the local public library about Tucson and Phoenix.

Additionally, I have visited various blogs and created a spreadsheet full of date ideas.

I take dating hubs very seriously!

I adore the man and enjoy making him feel special and cherished. Moreover, going out with the love of my life is pleasant for me as well.


Simple Breakfast Date


Simple Breakfast Date

March’s date was probably my least creative thus far. Nevertheless, it was still gratifying for us both.

My original plan was to wake at 5:45 am, get ready, text hub about the date (which he knew nothing about) as well as where to meet, hop in the car, and join him at a new — to us — venue for breakfast.

As the saying goes, the best laid plan of mice and men go awry.

I woke up to a still pitch-dark bedroom and checked my clock out of sheer curiosity. It read 6:04 am.

Apparently, when setting the alarm, it is crucial to be cautious of the am vs. pm settings.

I bounded out of bed, ran to my phone and texted hubby — hoping to catch before he left the fire station — to invite him to breakfast and tell him where to meet. It was something akin to “hey gorgeous, let’s meet for breakfast at ____.”

Getting Ready

I speedily got dressed.

My room was quite nippy  — meaning it would be much colder outside. Therefore, I abandoned “cutesy” for warmth and reached for a flannel shirt.

Don’t judge.

Brush teeth, tame hair, slap mascara on eyelashes, grab purse, cell phone and keys. Then, I hastily made my escape.

I backed out of the garage and pointed my car north for a quick westward turn right out of our yard and onto the dirt road.

I noticed that the sun had not yet risen over the mountains to the east even though I observed it wouldn’t be long now as the peaks glowed, fiery red.

Upon turning onto the road, I faced a very luminous full moon hanging low in the still starry sky.

I was immediately transported back to one of our first dates of this Happiness Project when we were sandwiched between another sunrise and moonset.


Date Like in the Beginning

Dating hubby has been a marvelous idea which has infused our marriage with adventure, creativity and a bit of mischief. It has compelled me to be innovative and fanciful. This action step has been incredibly exciting.

The fact it has been entertaining is not to say we were not happy — nor content — before I set this intention. Nor does it mean that our marriage was dull — okay maybe a smidgeon at times.

There were no complaints. We enjoyed each other’s presence and had regular rather convivial dates — although they were on a more mundane spectrum.

For me, this cloak and dagger dating has been refreshing. I am thoroughly reveling in surprising my beloved and demonstrating my deep love and affection for him. He is my husband and my best friend. He is worthy of any extra effort.

In truth, I also personally savor the fruits of my Happiness resolution.


New Restaurant

Despite my late start, I made it to the restaurant before hubs. However, I did not have to wait long as I caught a glimpse of his car pulling in the lot in my rearview mirror at the same time I heard his music.

I couldn’t help but smile.

The car and the music stopped as he emerged from his car. We meet and embraced.

Good morning Sunshine!

Fortuitously, the new restaurant was terrific. I relished my omelet — cooked to perfection. The conversation was lively and delightful. Moreover, the structure itself was quaint enough to be enchanting for me.

The magic of spending time together is not in the activity — although new adventures are undeniably exciting. The secret sauce is the genuine pleasure we take in each other.

The Genuine Gift

The only legitimate and authentic gift we have in this life is our time on earth. While we do not always possess influence over the vicissitudes of life or what it flings at us, we do have the ability  — albeit on occasion, we do so with tremendous difficulty and self-sacrifice —  to choose our responses to these events.

I am not saying such choices are effortlessly made nor comfortably achieved. Likewise, occasionally, it will seem there is no alternative but to do exactly what we are already doing — which is surviving (barely at that).

In those moments, when everything is bleak, and we believe we are indeed not making the best choice, we can be assured that we are doing our best even if said best appears pathetic.

Life is not painless — for anyone. Yes, others may have “it” worse. However, looking about for the “worse” in others does not make the life YOU live more tolerable.

For instance, if your spouse has left you with three kids to raise, knowing that “so and so” has terminal cancer does not make your pain go away as if by some magical enchantment.

The hope is NOT in doing life correctly — good luck with that — but to do our best to the best of our ability. Our choice is to select happiness and joy, not forever but right now, in THIS given moment. Hint: right NOW is all you have anyway.

Remain in the present as best you can, wherever you are. Savor your life. Enjoy your loved ones and love them…and in the midst of loving THEM, don’t forget and leave yourself behind. Love you as well — I know this is most often the most arduous task of all.

And, maybe do take your partner on some hot date…..and if you do not have a partner, go with a friend, or better yet, take your cute self out. You deserve it.


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