Integrity is as important to me as it is to you. For this reason, I only list programs and products that I use and love.

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I no longer “work out” very hard although I incorporate movement now more than I used to in the past.




  • Blue Lotus Chai ~  I have only tried three flavors as o now, I will list them in order of preference: Rooibos Masala Chai, Golden Masala Chai, and Traditional Masala Chai.  I have at least one cup daily and a container lasts me over 3 months. Update: I now only purchase the Rooibos Masala Chai as this is truly my favorite. I usually fix a cup with pure Monk Fruit as a sweetener, Califia dairy-free vanilla or hazelnut creamer and sometimes a scoop of Vital Protein Peptides. I most often order these products online and Azure Standard is a favorite.
  • Jun Kombucha from Wild Tonic is my all time favorite bucha. It is much smoother than regular kombucha and it is made with honey right here in Arizona!


  • Lark Ellen Farm Granola (grain free and sprouted): I usually buy them from Azure Standard or Vitacost.
  • Pure Monk by Julian Bakery: monk fruit powder. This is a low-carb, all-natural sweetener. You can read my full review in this post. Another place to find this sweetener is via Azure Standard. It is also a great way to super a mom and pop business.


This and That

  • White noise maker – I sleep the ocean sounds and it is very effective to block small noises at home and in hotel rooms!
  • Eye mask – I use it when traveling or in too bright rooms.
  • Diffusers: I love both these diffusers. They have a large capacity (300 ml and 200 ml). Additionally, the light can be turned off (a feature I LOVE).
  • Electric tea kettle ~ I make a lot of tea. My kids do as well and we were using the stovetop all the time. I did some research and discovered that an electric tea kettle uses less electricity. I also bought one which is insulated and I LOVE IT.