Podcasting: Brilliant or Foolish

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Newsflash! I am entering the world of podcasting.

It scares me to just say it.

Whether this is a brilliant move or an utterly foolish one remains to be seen. At this juncture, I am leaning toward the latter.


Podcasting You Say?

Why do I think it may be a foolish choice you ask?

The reasons are quite extensive. Here is a sample:

  • I know NOTHING about podcasting…so, basically, I am floundering about, learning as I go. At this point, my learning curve is quite steep. But the view should be great from the top — when, or if, I get there — right?
  • I am not the most technologically advanced person out there. While I can use a computer, and a smartphone for typical stuff,  that’s about the extent of my knowledge. My kids think new technology reveals my age, and they’d be right. I keep on having to ask numerous questions such as “what’s this?”, “what’s an ____?”, “say what?”. You get the gist of it. And believe me, this is but a tiny sample of my list of daily questions.
  • I am not particularly certain about my choice. Why would anyone want to listen to me? Aside from some rather unorthodox life choices — such as homeschooling — hubs and I have made, I don’t necessarily stand out in a crowd….that is unless the music is really good and I decide to spontaneously do a jig.

On the “go for it” side:

  • I have had a few individuals who seem to think I am brilliant, funny and have a lot to say that they’d want to listen to. Are they delusional?  Maybe. That or really bored.

Apparently, you will get to decide for yourself shortly as my first episode is ready to go.





My Podcasting World

Please be kind with the criticism.

This rookie is muddling through uncharted territory. I am definitely exploring the far edges of my comfort zone, if not stepping over the line with both feet.

I guess the worst that could happen is that I fall flat on my face and in the process, bruise my pride. Nothing life-threatening nor permanent. I can deal with that.

On a side note, it would not be the first time my pride takes a rebuff.



My Goal for Podcasting

I have zero desire for being famous — or well known — nor am I particularly extroverted. Nothing in life has prepared me to be a podcaster.

So why did I decide to join the ranks of podcasters?

In truth, there is only one true reason.

Let me explain and set the stage for what I have to say.

  • Writing is a love. I feel most comfortable behind the screen of my computer typing on a keyboard — or even better with old-fashioned pen and paper.
  • Nowadays, I know some prefer to listen than to read.
  • I enjoy making a difference in others’ life when it is within my power to do so.
  • I am keenly aware others feel as I have felt in my darkest times. Additionally, these individuals may feel as I did in my struggles…alone, unreachable, ashamed, scared, hopeless… Maybe I can let them know they are not alone, I understand, and there most certainly is hope.

My reason for going forward with podcasting is in the hope I can — in my small way — make someone feel heard, significant, and seen.

In the worst of cases, this new venture joins the pile of discarded ideas, failed hobbies, or “not for me” flubs. All are a part of life and nothing to cry over.

I look forward to spending more time with you at Wit ‘n’ Grace!

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