Seasons of Life
The Seasons of Life [and Nature]
A few weeks ago, I asked my followers on Facebook an innocuous question: What is your favorite season? Their answers
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always Second Place
Always Second Place
Have you ever felt like you always lag behind in second place? Something like this: you take on a hobby,
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Mindfully Gratefully Happier
Mindfully Gratefully Happier [Happiness Project]
Mindfully gratefully happier. That’s what am I. Let me explain.   My Happiness Project Review April came and went as
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Being Average
Is Being Average a Bad Thing?
Being average isn’t a benchmark we strive to achieve. Attached to the adjective “average” seems to be a string of
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What Can I Do for You
What Can I Do for You? [Acts of Love]
What can I do for you? These words passed my lips before wholly giving them my full attention. I was
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Leave Your Mark
You Are Here to Leave Your Mark [Musings]
“Leave your mark”, what does this sentence even mean? When we think of changing the world, our minds take us
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There and Then
The There and Then of Happiness
Humans are funny creatures. I ought to know – I am one. We are the only beings who dream of
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Down the Valley
Up the Mountain and Down the Valley
Allow me to be vulnerable and to admit to something which is a tad embarrassing. Even though I have been
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Neighborhood Stalking
Neighborhood Stalking [It’s not as bad as it sounds]
I am fond of a peculiar hobby: neighborhood stalking. While this may sound ominous it genuinely is not. I believe
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Simple Breakfast Date
Simple Breakfast Date
One can learn many lessons from a simple breakfast date. In November, one of my action steps for “marriage” was
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Living in the Present
Living in the Present [a Lesson in “What Is”]
Living in the present and accepting “what is” is not always easy especially when there are so many demands on
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