Lower Javelina Hike (Wild Burro)

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I am hiking more this Spring.

Lower Javelina Hike was my second hike—so, yeah, I am a newbie.

On this occasion, my daughter and the twins decided to accompany me.

The weather was magnificent: sunny with a refreshing breeze. Perfect hike weather. The Sonoran Desert at its best for such an occasion.

Picture(s) by Emma Witt Photography

Lower Javelina Hike: Information

The Location

The Lower Javelina loop is located in the Tortolita Preserve within the Ritz’s grounds—which was news to me. To go to the trailhead, you do have to pass the guardhouse where you will be asked your final destination before being granted entry.

Parking Area and the Trails

There is ample—paved—parking and some bathrooms located next to the parking lot near the trailhead.

We were told there would be maps at the entrance to the trail as well. They were not. After hiking about less than a mile, we found another information board. Still, no maps. Although there was one pinned to the board.

In my opinion, the various trails are not well marked and it takes a bit of figuring out—and some guessing—to deceiver your preferred hiking route—unless you are already familiar with the various trails.

Our small group settled on the Lower Javelina loop because it is a 2.5 mile loop—short. This trail made the entire hike about 3.5 miles.

Difficulty: Moderate

There is an elevation gain of under 400 feet at the very beginning of the hike. It is steep but not overly diffiult as the path levels out on occasion.

The path is narrow and can only be accessed by walking—no horses, no bikes. It can also only be traveled in single file.

We only passed one other hiker.

Up on the ridge, we could see a fair amounts of hikers on the other side of the canyon—the flat part and the part by which we came back to our starting point.

We were blessed and excited to see some wild flowers—they excaped us on our Sweetwater hike.

Lower Javelina Hike: Conclusion

The hike is only moderate in difficulty for about one mile. The remaining terrain is flat and rather easy—although some of it is in sand.

It was an enjoyable hike in a canyon.

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