Knitting Toe-Up Socks Two at a Time

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As of last April, despite the fact I have been a knitter for over thirty-five years, I had never knitting a pair of socks—although it was on my proverbial bucket list.

But, here I was in Colorado, awaiting the birth of my third grandchild. During that time, I met another knitter and as knitters like to do we talked, well, about knitting subjects.

I was working on a sweater at the time.

This sweet lady was making socks—two at a time no less!

Yes, knitting toe-up socks two at a time is apparently a thing. I had no clue but I was excited at the prospect.

She shared her method, which knitting needles worked best for her, a web site, and a slew of other tidbits which made it far less intimitading to start knitting my own socks.

Knitting Socks

Back at my cabin—which I was renting—I logged on the internet via my trusted laptop. I ordered a couple of circular needles, and three skeins of fingering weight yarn in various shades—enough for three pairs of socks—and I had the lot shipped to my home in Arizona.


Before I knew it, we blessed with a new grand-daughter, I was back at home, and my package had arrived. Once my current project was completed, I proceeded to start on my first pair of socks.


Sandra—my new friend—had shared a site with me which had clear instructions and I followed its instructions for the cast-on. After that, I felt confident enough to follow the directions of my pattern—rather than the site’s—which was sursisingky simple.

The heel did give me some pause but nothing I was not able to figure out.

Knitting toe-up socks two at a time is a cinch and quite fun.

The socks I have made are my favorite pairs of socks ever.

Also, I did not block my socks and they do wash like a charm in the washing machine. I am one happy knitter.

Online Turtorial

Two Toe-Up Socks on One Circular Needle Tutorial Here

In the tutorial they use a figure eight cast on.

I have since used a Turkish cast on which is very similar but—in my opinion—gives a cleaner edge.

More Instructional Videos:

  • Knitting toe-up socks by Knit Picks
  • 2 Socks at-a-Time, Toe-Up, Magic Loop Here — this is a 51-minute video which takes you through the process

  • How to cast on two-at-a-time, toe up socks Here

  • How to Knit Toe-Up Socks Two at a Time with Fleegle Heel Here — this video is over one hour long


When I travelled to France in the Fall, I took my two last skeins with me. I wanted a project but nothing which would take too much valuable real estate in my one small suitcase. Moreover, once completed, I could wear the socks.

My First Three Patterns

Every pattern I used was free on Ravelry.

  1. Summer Slice by Cassandra Dominick Here

  2. Pippie Ripple Socks by Diane Mulholland Here

  3. Keväthuuma by Tiina Kuu Here


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