I Shall NOT Fish for Gold Stars

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Here I was, January 3rd, short of skipping down the hall with exuberance, ready to share some exciting news with my husband, when as I rounded the corner of our bedroom and my eyes landed on him, my mouth clamped shut.

Gasp! Was I just about to do what I said I wouldn’t do (as part of my January themes)? Mainly, fish for gold stars?


A Happiness Project Quandary

As a substitute for sharing my – what I thought – was exhilarating news, I launched headlong into my newfound quandary instead.

“I was coming here to share a new idea which I think is fun and brilliant. Admittedly, I am rather proud of myself and wanted to show you when I realized maybe this was asking for praise, and I said I wouldn’t fish for gold stars. I stopped and took a large breath before pursuing. “But, you see, this ‘thing’ IS exciting for me, and my intention was not to ask for praise but instead to share my inspiration. Now, I am not sure I should.”

I internally, maybe even externally, let out a big sigh as my shoulders slumped forward.

My husband, eyes smiling, rebuffed “I think you are overanalyzing this.”

“Am I?” Quick mental check. “I am.”



Fish for Gold Stars


Sharing the News

I proceeded to show him my newest creative project: small – and let’s not forget adorable – laminated*, tabbed folders to use in my wallet to replace my ugly, neon green, thin, falling apart cardboard ones.

You see, we budget by using an envelope system, and I need a way to keep my categories straight. Because of my personality, while I like practical, I believe “adorable” does not hurt.

The previous night, I had stayed up till ten to create and finish these folders, and I had no regrets, I love them.

I not only proudly opened my wallet to share my new creative endeavors with hubby, but the kids also got a peek. One of my twins gleefully exclaimed, “I love them!” Ha! A man after my own heart.

Also, in case you wonder, hubby was appropriately excited as well. After all, the man has been married to me just short of twenty-five years, he knows the drill by now.

*By the way, I love my laminating machine.


Fish for Gold Stars: Moment of Truth

Honestly, I was not after the praise nor was I on a fishing expedition for gold stars, although I won’t lie, I unashamedly enjoyed the gushing.

I genuinely didn’t care to be praised. I like my pretty laminated folders and don’t care one iota if anyone else does. It is the giddiness I wanted to share, and share I did.

By the way, aren’t they cute?

fish for gold stars


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