February Happiness Project Themes

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When picking my February happiness project themes, I realized that Gretchen Rubin and Florence Witt were definitely not the same individuals. I know this is no great revelation, we are indeed two different human beings.

When I read her book and decided to design my own project, I intended to follow her blueprint. Why reinvent the wheel right? The longer I do this project, the more it becomes my own and looks nothing like the original version.

If I recall correctly, Gretchen did mention early in the book that all projects would look different, and she was right.

Gretchen seemed quite organized and methodical and I – Florence – am anything but. My themes overlap and some I have neglected a bit, mainly organization and sleep.

While I am still organized in some areas, keeping up with the clutter my kids leave behind is a huge undertaking and I don’t care to wrestle with it every day of my life. As to sleep, I have slacked off and rarely went to bed by 9 in January, something I intend to correct in February.

Despite my peculiar way of conducting my happiness project,  I AM happier.


February Happiness Project Themes


February Happiness Project Themes


My husband and I do not have the same love language: I am a “word of affirmation” kind of gal and he likes to do acts of service for me. We were blessed enough to become acquainted with The Love Languages when we went through premarital counseling. This knowledge alleviated a lot of issue in our marriage.

Nevertheless, at times I was resentful he did not speak my language more, although, through the years he has become much more mindful of it. On the other hand, it was hard for me to count his acts of service as acts of love because this was not MY language and by gosh, he should speak MY language more.

I have decided to gratefully take ALL of his acts of love at face value whether they are MY language or not.

I can fill my word of affirmation love tank another way.


I have a terrible habit, I say sorry way too much.

Something goes wrong such as the tire blows, and I blurt “sorry” even though it is not my fault. Case in point, last week, my check engine light came on and I called hubs at work and yes, said “sorry” as if I purposefully messed with our car and the saddest part is that somewhere inside me I think that maybe it could be my fault.

Pathetic and 100% unproductive.

I am committed to breaking this habit.


Last month, I committed to cooking a family dinner. This action step has not been super effective so it’s back this month as is my bonding therapy with Abe. Bonding and healing are very slow processes but I am happy with ANY positive change no matter how minuscule


My goal this month was to  “make time.”  Instead, my goal will be to ponder my true longings for this category.

White Space

I am not 100% sure what white space is (although I have an idea) but Brene Brown mentions it as an important part of being wholehearted. Therefore my goal is to figure out what it is and how to implement it in my life.

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