Dancing Without Inhibitions

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Allow me to share a perfect example of someone dancing without inhibitions.

On Monday, I posted an article called “dance like nobody is watching.” Upon reading it, my husband proceeded to share with me the following YouTube video about a young man who did that very thing—danced spontaneously— during a sporting event.

I would like to think I would have the courage to be authentically myself during such a moment—if I had such an inclination as dancing in public.

In all honesty, I am unsure I could be this unrestrained although I have been on occasion—on a tiny weensy scale.

For instance, I have indulged in some impromptu dance moves upon hearing a song I love in the aisles of my grocery store.

However, I don’t usually make a display of it and probably would stop if I had multiple pairs of eyes gawking at me or a camera filming my gyrations. I do not intend to become YouTube fodder thank you very much.

Maybe we can aspire to be so carefree.

Dancing Without Inhibitions

Video of a Man Dancing Without Inhibitions

After posting this video, I was inspired to search YouTube for more examples of spontaneous dances.

A Ballerina’s Spontaneous Dance

One More Spontaneous Dance

This guy has some mean moves!

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