Chiva Falls Hike

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I hiked the Chiva Falls trail with my hubby. It was new for me.

The first and last time I went to Chiva Falls was twenty-six years ago. At that time, the falls were a trickle which ended in a puddle four feet in diameter—if that.

The most memorable part is that I made friend with a squirrel which ate right out of my hand.

Moreover, we did not hike the trail at that time. We went by car—as in four wheeling. I recall the road was rough and it took a couple of hours to make it to our destination—the trickle.

I have not set foot on that trail since that time.

Chiva Falls Hike

The Location

Chiva Falls is located on the east end of Tucson.

The road to our parking was made of dirt and was not always smooth. An SUV, truck, or, at the very least, a vehicle with some clearance is advisable.

The beginning of the trail is on Redington Road.

Parking Area and the Trails

The parking area is dirt and is not clearly marked.

We were the only car on the lot. As a matter of fact, we did not pass one soul on our way to the Falls nor on our way back. We did, however, cross two vehicles which were arriving as we were leaving the Falls.

The trail is relatively smooth and wide. However, the grade changes constantly and is rarely flat for long.

The path is unmarked and you must be well acquainted with the location of the Falls not to take a wrong turn—which is possible in a couple of places.

Due to heavy rainfalls and snow melt during the Winter months, there was a lot of water and we did have to cross a few streams.

Difficulty: Moderate

The entire loop is over ten miles. We only went to the Falls and then back out—a total of 8 miles.

Chiva Falls Hike is a moderate hike and I did find it challenging in a few places—remember that I am still healing from adrenal fatigue and metabolic damage.

It took us two hours both ways.

Chiva Falls was running and looked vastly different than it did twenty-six years ago. It was beautiful, quiet, and certainly out of the way.

There was a lot of water and the current looked quite robust.

I was able to take a small snooze by the “river.” A slice of heaven.

I did not find the hike especially beautiful as far as the path or the vegetation. However, the final destination is worth it.

The fact we had the entire place to ourselves was also a plus in my book.

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