Books I Read in August

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The list of non-fiction books I read in August is abysmal — at least for me. My grand total was whopping two!

There were four main reasons for this subpar track record:

  • My brother and his wife came for a visit
  • I was not in the mood for reading a lot of non-fiction. As a matter of fact, I ended up reading more books from my favorite genre — cozy mysteries
  • On most nights, I was asleep on my book before ten minutes had elapsed
  • I did not go on as many walks as I usually do and when I did I had a companion which encroached on my Audible book time

In short, life happened as it does for all of us.

No biggy really, I had a great time!


Books I Read in august


Books I Read in August

Audible Books

Awakening the Physician Within

by Dr. Emmett Miller

First of all, this “book” is not what I expected: it is not the audible version of a book. Instead, it is the audio of a seminar.

The subject of self-healing is one which fascinated me, therefore I did enjoy the audio. There are some slow parts when the author teaches the students to do some stress reduction and visualization techniques. Since I was listening in the car I did not practice any of the exercises.

An interesting “book” to be sure.

>>> Awakening the Physician Within



How to Use Frolov Breathing Device

by Artour Rakhimov

I have been trying to educate myself more about the breath as well as better breathing techniques as well as the role of oxygen in health. This interest is how I came upon this book.

The Amazon summary says this:

Oxygen is crucial for normal health. Nearly all chronic diseases are either based on or always accompanied by low body O2 or tissue hypoxia. This is manifested in poor results for the body oxygen test. A person can eat tons of supplements, drink canisters of super juices, practice yoga for many hours every day and do many other useful or encouraged things, but, if his or her body O2 levels remain unchanged, the health of this person will likely remain unchanged too.

This book was informative albeit a dry read with many scientific references.

>>> How to Use the Frolov Device



I Also Read

Two of my favorite mystery authors had a new book out in August.

Christy Barritt started a new series and Lorena McCourtney had the second book in her Mac and Ivy series.

I will also list some of my other favorites series by each author.

Christy Barritt

She is amazing and very productive. I was trying to pick a favorite series of hers and I could not.

Lorena McCourtney

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