Books I Read in April

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The section about the books I read in April (or any other month for that matter) is probably boring to anyone but a bookworm like myself.

As usual, I only list the non-fiction reads. I read from a wide variety of books.

I have also become quite fond of Audible books which I listen in the car or on walks, I also like to lay in the sauna and listen to a book, rather than read one in print.


Audible Books

Raising Human Beings: Creating a Collaborative Partnership with Your Child

by Ross W. Greene

This audiobook from Audible had some good points. However, I often found the author quite redundant far too often. I don’t feel I learned anything new or amazing. Nevertheless, it is a good read.

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Solve for Happy: Engineer Your Path to Joy

by Mo Gawdat

This audiobook is quite lengthy and is read by the author — who has a charming accent. Mo is obviously very bright. He is also quite wise. It is still with great emotion that he talks about his son’s passing and the lessons he has learned about happiness. A great read…or, in my case, listen.

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Books I Read in April



How to Heal Your Metabolism: Learn How the Right Foods, Sleep, the Right Amount of Exercise, and Happiness Can Increase Your Metabolic Rate and Help Heal Your Broken Metabolism

by Kate Deering

I really enjoyed this book because my story is similar to the author’s. In short, I damaged my metabolism. I have been trying to follow this program for a few weeks. I will report in time. So far, I am having great success.



The Divided Mind: The Epidemic of Mindbody Disorders

by John E. Sarno, M.D.

A very interesting and informative read. However, it is also quite technical and deep. Not a fun read per say.

The author makes a great case for the prevalence and treatment of psychosomatic ailments. I enjoyed the book despite his weightiness.

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Food Myths: Going Beyond the Health Food Fads and Getting Real about Science, Health, and Nutrition

by Joey Lott

The kindle copy of this book was free on Amazon which is the main reason I read it. The other reason is that the title was interesting to me. This book was a short — under 3 hours — and a pleasant read. I was happily surprised…so happily as a matter of fact, that I have downloaded a few more of Mr. Lott’s books.



Achieve Peace through Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science: Body-Centered, Somatic Psychotherapy

by Barry Gray

I must admit that while I enjoyed the book, little of what I read has stuck. Basically, this book is a description of a body-centered therapy called Hakomi which I have been curious about for some time. I probably will have to read it again, however, to get anything out of it.

PS: The Kindle version is free if you have Kindle Unlimited.



Words of Love: By AgapΩ

by AgapΩ

A fun and feel good read — on Kindle only — which was free with Kindle Unlimited. Inspiring quotes to live by.

I really had a good time reading it.



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