The Arizona Inn: A Review

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As some of you may already know, I live in a house with a great majority of males. Indeed, hubs and I have seven sons (now only four still at home). Yes, seven.

In order to offset the male energy as best I can, once a year, my oldest daughter and I get some “us time” (sans boys).


Arizona inn


Camping Trip

My daugher and I — tongue in cheek — like to refer to our getaway as the “camping trip.” Except, we like to camp in style…at a hotel.

She and I started this — now yearly — tradition when she was short of eleven years old and with some funds I make from a side job. This year was our eighth year.

For us girls, “camping” means we get to spend a few days at a resort watching chick flicks (hello Hallmark mysteries), getting pampered, and going to view a show at the Gaslight Theater.


Arizona inn


Arizona Inn

Our one and only camping spot is an oldie — but a goodie as the saying goes — and is called the Arizona Inn.

This hotel used to be on the outskirts of the city when it was first built in 1930. Now, it is surrounded by the city and is almost at the center of it. Despite being very much in a busy area of town, it has managed to remain an oasis in the desert (in a lovely quaint neighborhood).

The place is just beautiful and classy. The sprawling gardens are breathtaking and the customer service is impressive.

Moreover, the story of the Arizona Inn is just the cherry on top.


Arizona inn


The History of the Arizona Inn

The Arizona Inn was founded in 1930 by an amazing woman, Isabella Greenway (who incidentally became the first Arizona congresswoman).

Before the Arizona Inn was even a thought, this strong woman had started the Arizona Hut in 1927. The Arizona Hut was birthed to help disabled World War I veterans to get reestablished into society.

“Forty men, eager to regain a sense of dignity through work, responded with a fierce sense of purpose. By all accounts, their craftsmanship was astonishing.” *


The Arizona Hut

By 1928, the Hut employed more than 100 people and sold its furniture to the best department stores of the day.

However, with the stock market crash of October 1929, and the Great Depression which followed, orders quickly dried up and the Hut was in danger of closing its doors.

However, Isabella kept it afloat for a while by purchasing the furniture herself.

It is at this time that she decided to build the Arizona Inn. Mainly she did so to keep the Hut going by using its furniture to decorate her new hotel. While you can still see many of these beautiful pieces in the hotel today, sadly, The Hut no longer exists.

Four generations of the same family have now cared for this gem. Today, it is Isabella’s great-grandson, Will Conway, who manages the Inn.


Arizona inn


The Arizona Inn: A Gem in the Desert

The Arizona Inn encompasses 14 lush acres, only 2 short miles from downtown Tucson.

Nevertheless, the Inn is still a haven of calm, peace, and beauty.

Isabella was in every way a visionary and she built the Arizona Inn to last.

A few buildings and amenities were added over the years.

The Inn has a total of 93 guest rooms. It also offers a restaurant, lounge, swimming pool, tennis court, sauna, rec room, and much more.

The Arizona Inn is the perfect blend of old charm and modern amenities, lush and desert landscapes, privacy and coziness. It is truly a world all of its own.

If (like us) you go during the hot summer months, you even can enjoy their summer rates.


Perfect Ambiance

In the evening, you can enjoy live piano music in the lounge. Additional amenities are a fantastic room service and an extensive library of old movies (from stars who enjoyed the Inn themselves).

Additionally, the Arizona Inn is also a beautiful sight to see during the Christmas season. Truly, the Inn is a place like no other.

If you come to Tucson, you have to experience the Arizona Inn for yourself.

My daughter and I are already planning next year’s “camping” trip. After all, it’s tradition!


*Source: Tucson’s Arizona Inn, A History by Bill Conway

**Note: Emma Witt Photography can be found here on Facebook.

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