April Book Sale

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I love books—especially when they are free or discounted.

I used to be one of these individuals who scoffed at the idea of ever owning an e-reader. I did not believe an electronic device could give me the warm fuzzies like an honest to goodness book. One with pages and a very distinct scent.

I was wrong.

Thanks to my Kindle, I no longer have to read with a tiny lamp so as not to wake my sleeping husband. I no longer have to haul five or six—or more—heavy books when I go on vacation. I can now transport hundreds of books with me and I love that. I can read at night comfortably without keeping hubs awake.

True, I still love books with pages: hardbacks, paperbacks, old books and new ones as well.

Ultimately, I love books in all forms.

Week of April 1st — Free Bestsellers


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