51 Free Crochet Toy Patterns

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All year long, I work on knitting or crocheting projects. Some of the items I make are for me but many are for those I love, the grandbabies included of course.

While I do not mind buying patterns — and I often do — free patterns are often a blessing and I am very grateful to the people who take the time to make them.

I have taken the time to find 51 free crochet toy patterns from around the internet. None of these patterns nor the pictures belong to me. As best I can, I have given credit to the proper individual(s).

I am a self-taught crocheter and have enjoyed this craft for probably twenty years now.

My paternal grandmother taught me to knit when I was a little girl.

I enjoy both crafts for various reasons.

What about you?


51 free Crochet toy patterns


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51 Free Crochet Toy Patterns: Pictures

1. Photo Credit: amigurumi.today
2. Photo Credit: spinayarncrochet.com
3. Photo Credit: Sharon Ojala
4. Photo Credit: momomints.com
5. Photo Credit: knittingday.com
6. Photo Credit: redheart.com
7. Photo Credit: HJ-Handmade
8. Photo Credit: thefriendlyredfox.com
9. Photo Credits: Amigurimi Today
10. Photo Credit: Papillon en Papier
11. Photo Credit: apurposeandastitch.com
12: Photo Credit: redheart.com
13. Photo Credit: knittingday.com
14. Photo Credit: Knitting Day
15. Photo Credit: Knitting Day
16. Photo Credit: Knitting Day
17. Photo Credit: Jess Huff
18. Photo Credit: Knitting Day
19: Photo Credit: Knitting Day
20. Photo Credit: Amigurumi Today
21. Photo Credit: The Friendly Red Fox
22. Photo Credit: Brigitte Read
23: Photo Credit: 1dogwoof.com
24. Photo Credit: 1dogwoof.com
25. Photo Credit: Jessica Doering
26. Photo Credit: amigurumi.today
27. Photo Credit: deviantart.com
28. Photo Credit: graceandyarn.com
29. Photo Credit: redheart.com
30. Photo Credit: milkyrobot
31. Photo Credit: amigurumi.today
32. Photo Credit: amigurumi.today
33. Photo Credit: amigurumi.today
34. Photo Credit: amigurumi.today
35. Photo Credit: Jess Huff
36. Photo Credit: amigurum.com
37. Photo Credit: amigurumi.today
38. Photo Credit:
39. Photo Credit: llhookyouup.blogspot.com
40. Photo Credit: CindyEggleston
41: Photo Credit: lionbrand.com
42. Photo Credit: Stip & Haak
43. Photo Credit: redheart.com
44. Photo Credit: cutoutandkeep.net
45. Photo Credit: coolcreativity.com
46. Photo Credit: amigurumitogo.com
47. Photo Credit: Nancy Anderson
48. Photo Credit: creachick.nl
49. Photo Credit: S. Pendleton
50. Photo Credit: amigurumi.today
51. Photo Credit: Brenna Eaves


51 Free Crochet Toy Patterns

  1. Sheep: This pattern makes an adorable little sheep. I have saved it on my “to do” board on Pinterest and I plan on making it for the next grandbaby (or for Christmas). You can find the pattern in PDF form >> HERE <<
  2. Otter family: These otters are pretty cute — incidentally so are the real ones we have had the occasion to see. You can find this pattern >> HERE <<
  3. White rabbit: This pattern makes a cute white rabbit. Although from perusing the site, it appears you can also make a bear with heart-shaped feet. Pretty cute if you ask me. You can find all you need from the site which gives you multiple links. >> HERE <<
  4. Sheep: This pattern makes one tiny sheep.  Personally, I prefer the pattern from #1 but it is really an individual preference. >> HERE <<
  5. Bear: With this pattern, you can make either a male bear or a female bear (even though I only posted one picture. You can find the instructions for both  >> HERE <<
  6. Llama:  This free pattern from Red Heart makes a pretty darn cute llama. You can find it >> HERE <<
  7. Doll: What a cute doll!  You can find this pattern as a free Ravelry download >> HERE <<
  8. Doll:  An adorable doll with ringlets. The free pattern can be found >> HERE <<
  9. Monkey: you can find the pattern to this monkey >> HERE <<
  10. Greta Doll: This is the most adorable crochet doll over if you ask me. The pattern comes in various parts: 1. the hands, 2) the legs, 3) the body and the head, 4) the assembly and 5) dress and shoes.
  11. Elephant Lovey: This is a great toy for babies. You can find the pattern >> HERE <<
  12. Young Athlete Blanket: A really fun idea for little tikes. You can find the pattern >> HERE <<
  13. Giraffe: Cute giraffe  >> HERE <<
  14. Bear: An adorable bear with a sweater. >> HERE <<
  15. Doll: This is a cute doll with a black and white outfit. >> HERE <<
  16. Swimming Bear: This is a pretty adorable pattern >> HERE <<
  17. Zebra:  This pattern makes a pretty cure zebra >> HERE <<
  18. Long Eared Bunny:  I really like the look of these bunnies >> HERE <<
  19. Doll: Another doll pattern >> HERE <<
  20. Watermelon Turtle:  A fun twist on a turtle with the addition of the watermelon design >> HERE <<
  21. Octopus: Easy and fun  >> HERE <<
  22. Manta Ray:  A cute ocean creature >> HERE <<
  23. Jellyfish: I think this jellyfish is just too cute. It makes an adorable decoration hanging from the ceiling >> HERE <<
  24. Whale: I definitely have an ocean theme going on so far. A cute whale >> HERE <<
  25. Chloe Doll:  Another cute doll pattern >> HERE <<
  26. Baby Flamingo >> Here <<
  27. Eeyore:  A cute pattern for a favorite character >> HERE <<
  28. Emma the Fox: A cute “foxy” lady (pardon the pun) >> HERE <<
  29. Pomp-a-Poodle: This toy poodle is pretty darn cute >> HERE <<
  30. Cat: An adorable pattern for a kitty cat >> HERE <<
  31. Hippopotamus:  This little dancer is adorable >> HERE <<
  32. Farm Horse:  I may have to make this for my horse loving daughter >> HERE <<
  33. Cow:  I think this cow is utterable >> HERE <<
  34. Pretty Bunny:  This is another bunny pattern. Just as cute as the other one >> HERE <<
  35. Harriet the Hippo:  I  love this hippo…adorable >> HERE <<
  36. Sleeping Dog Sonia:  This dog pattern is so precious. I love it! >> HERE <<
  37. Cuddle Me Lion:  Adorable toy lion, sized perfectly for little ones >> HERE <<
  38. Cuddle Me Elephant:  Such a precious toy, soft and cuddly >> HERE <<
  39. Rainbow Fishing Game:  What a clever toy >> HERE <<
  40. Turtle: This pattern makes a very cute turtle >> HERE <<
  41. Farm Mat:  I love this mat. My kids loved these types of toys when they were small >> HERE <<
  42. Snail >>HERE <<
  43. Roadthrow Throw: Another wonderful idea my kids loved >> HERE <<
  44. Island Play >> HERE <<
  45. Elephant:  I am partial to animals and elephants are just too adorable in my opinion >> HERE <<
  46. Moose: This moose is pretty adorable >> HERE <<
  47. Unicorn Pillow Buddy >> HERE <<
  48. Horse on a Stick: The original pattern is in Dutch but the page translates nicely with Google >> HERE <<
  49. Puppy:  No toy pattern list would be complete without a puppy >> HERE <<
  50. Honey Teddy >> HERE <<
  51. Pig: A cute little pig, quite lifelike in my opinion >> HERE <<



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