21 Toe-Up Sock Patterns

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I am in love with knitting toe-up socks with the magic loop method.

Although I have only made three pairs so far, I have purchased yarn to make a few more pairs. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to toe-up sock patterns which you can find here.

I wanted to share some patterns in this post. I organized them by price: free vs. those with a cost.

I would love for you to share your favorite patterns, yarn choice, as well as pictures of your creations. You may do so in the comment section below.

Happy knitting!

Note: I have included more turorials at the bottom of this page.

Toe-Up Sock Pattern to Purchase

From left to right and top to bottom.

  1. My man’s socks by Zsuzsanna Orthodoxou
  2. Sock By Numbers Toe Up by Dana Gervais
  3. Fine and Dandy Socks by Jessica Gore
  4. Prairie Spring by Samantha Myhre
  5. Tulsi by Verena Cohrs
  6. Strausserl by Julia Riede
  7. Kip toe up socks
  8. by Jennifer Farrer

Toe-Up Sock Free Patterns

From left to right and top to bottom.

  1. Simple Toe Up Socks by New Leaf Designs
  2. Simple Toe-Up Socks Knitting Pattern by The Spruce Craft
  3. Riff Socks by Lise Brackbill
  4. Flying North by Maria Montzka
  5. Celtic Rainbow Socks by Lea Lacoste
  6. Tumks by Renee Hahnel
  7. Time Traveler Socks by Liz Sedmak
  8. Grace Socks by Knitty
  9. Toe Up Bayerische by Talvi
  10. Vanilla Socks [Toe-up & afterthought heel] by Carle’ Dehning
  11. Little Roses by Linda Fisher
  12. Toe-Up Socks with an Afterthought Heel by London Loop
  13. Pixel Stitch Socks by Purl Soho
  14. Bandwagon socks by Phreadde Davis


More Toe-Up Sock Tutorials

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