2018 Knitting and Crocheting Projects

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Two of my favorite activities to relax are reading and either knitting or crocheting. Since Christmas is past and I no longer can give a gift away, I will share the list of my 2018 knitting and crocheting projects.

I have already begun working on my 2019 list of course!

I hope you enjoy!

As a side note, I would love for anyone to share their favorite patterns or yarn with me.

My 2018Knitting & Crochet Project

2018 Knitting and Crocheting Projects

2018 Knitting and Crocheting Projects

    • Lady Splendour is a beautiful wrap made in fingering weight. Almost 3/4 done and I decided I did not like it, The picture is gorgeous and doesn’t show well that the main stitch is a garter stitch which I did not like very well. I ended up taking the whole thing apart.  This is a FREE pattern.
  • Shells and Tide is a beautiful wrap made of worsted weight. I made mine in an off-white yarn for a wedding. I am very happy with the results. I made mine shorter by 4 repetitions. This is also a FREE pattern.

    • Zebra Hat ~ We had a new grandbaby due in April. His mama loves zebra so I felt the baby needed a zebra hat. It calls for DK yarn.  This is a FREE pattern.
  • Knit Zebra Toy ~ same reason as above but this is for Christmas. This is also a FREE pattern.

    • Rime Scarf ~ After undoing the Lady Splendor (1. above), I wanted a new pattern for the fingering yarn I had on hand and this pattern fit the bill. It is a lovely design and a FREE pattern.
  • Cala Luna Sweater ~ This is a two-toned sweater made of worsted yarn. I made mine with two different shades of blue.  This pattern costs 6.00 Euros.

    • Alice Korach’s Shetland Lace Shawl ~ I wanted to make this shawl in secret for my oldest daughter for Christmas. I tried three times. First, the yarn is tiny (lace) as are the needles and the lace pattern is done on the right side as well as the wrong side. You miss one stitch (as I did every time) and I could not fix my error. I finally put this project aside for later. I bought this pattern for $5.00.
  • 1960s Knitted Cape My daughter had been wanting such a cape for a couple years. I was happy to find this pattern which is made with a bulky yarn.  I found this pattern on Etsy for $3.99.

    • Simple Headband/Ear-Warmer ~ I was going to much cooler Colorado and prepared like if I was headed to Antartica. During my stay, I did not use them once. Oh well. I really like this FREE pattern. It is made with a worsted yarn.

  • Mittens with Leaves I made these for the same reasons as above. I also didn’t get to use them while on my trip. This is a FREE  pattern made of Sport yarn.

  • With All my Heart Crochet Afghan ~ I made this for one of my daughter-in-laws. I used a worsted yarn rather than a bulky yarn and I used brighter colors. You can buy this pattern on Etsy.
  • Walter Bear ~ This is a free crochet pattern my daughters-in-law selected for her son. You can find it here. I used a worsted yarn. I ended up making three bears: one for my grandson and one for each of my twin boys.

  • The Little Tourist Poncho ~ I knitted this poncho for my four-year-old granddaughter. It was great fun and is very beautiful. I found the pattern on Etsy here. It is made in worsted yarn. I used Caron Simply Soft in deep red.
  • Summer Slice ~ These were my very first pair of socks. I made them using a variegated fingering wool yarn (AKA sock yarn) from KnitPick. I also used the magic loop method when you knit both socks at the same time. I loved it! You can find this pattern for free on Ravelry here.

  • Cascade Topper Poncho ~ This is a free pattern. I made this poncho with a light worsted yard for my daughter. I think it may be kind of small for a woman. You can find the pattern here.
  • Little Rabbit in His Carrot ~ This pattern is in French. It is one of the best-explained patterns I have ever used. I made two rabbits. One for each of my twin boys. They are adorable. The pattern is for sale on Etsy here.

  • Demelza Aghan Pattern ~ This is a free crochet pattern. I used DK weight yarn but I changed the color scheme a bit. It is a blanket. You can find the pattern here.
  • Alvalon Baby Afghan ~ I made this lovely afghan with super soft baby DK yarn for my newest granddaughter — Josephine.  It was a Christmas gift. I purchased the pattern for $7.50 on Ravelry.

  • Pippie Ripple Socks ~ Once again, I used the magic loop to make these socks (both pairs at one time).  An easy and fun pattern which is also FREE and which you can find here.
  • Keväthuuma ~ this is probably the most elaborate pair of socks I have made so far. Again, I knitted both socks at the same time using the magic loop method. The pattern is free on Ravelry and can be found here.

  • Tearoom Mice ~ One of my grand-daughters wanted grandma to make a stuffed animal with boys for Christmas. This grandma was happy to comply. I enjoyed this pattern although I used a very different color palette of scrap DK yarn. You can find this pattern on Etsy here.
  • Hollypops ~ I loved making this blanket and I went really wild with the color palette (which was great fun). Aside from the flowers, I never knew which color I would use next. I use DK Paintbox yarn which is lovely to work with and comes in a vast array of colors. You can find the pattern here.

  • Christmas Gift Hat ~ I made this hat for each of my grand-daughters. I used the same colors and just switched them for each hat (one had a red hat with a green bow and the other a green hat with a red bow). They were easy to make and only took a couple days. The bow took me the longest. I used the free pattern (here) and just added stitched for a bigger hat. I used a DK Paintbox yarn I already had on hand.
  • Reindeer Hat ~ Oh my goodness, this hat came out so cute and on my grandson it is adorable! I—again—used the free pattern (here) and added stitches.

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