You Smile a Lot Lately [Happiness Project]

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“You smile a lot lately!”

These are the very words which flowed out of my husband’s lips less than a half hour ago.

I initially stood with a frozen smile on my face, albeit for just a second. Quickly, my smile deepened, and I jokingly replied: “it’s good, right? I assume this wasn’t a criticism.” 

I laughed, we made eye contact, and I continued on my merry way.


Getting Ready for my Day

Once in my bedroom, I proceeded to dress.

We are headed into town and with Christmas less than a week away,  and my sons and their families arriving on Friday, there is still much to do.

There is a bubbling and exciting level of activity in our home and there is still much to be done: clean the house, make beds, finish the laundry, grocery shop, and I will spare you the rest.

As I slip each article of clothing on my body, I notice my house is quite chilled (68 degrees, frigid by Arizona standards). I know we have a fire going in the woodburning stove and again, I smile.

I smile, and I ponder my husband’s spontaneous words.

You Smile a Lot Lately

He is right.

My life has changed much in the last three months. Daily, I forge ahead with intention and mindfulness. This Happiness Project has not only change the way I tackle my days, which events and activities I chose to indulge in, and my goals; this Happiness Project has also changed me.

I do indeed smile more.

I have more to smile about.

Right now, I am grateful for my husband’s words which spotlighted something I had not paused to notice.

Again, a smile bursts on my lips.

Smiling is contagious. 

A smile is medicine not only to my soul but to those around me as well, even to the strangers I pass by.


You Smile A Lot More lately



Even now, gratefulness swells in my heart for all the blessings which used to be unseen and unnamed. I now see and acknowledge them with a grateful heart, which never fails to humble me and make me smile in thanksgiving.

“You smile a lot lately.”

I do and don’t mind if I do!


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