My Word for 2019: Simplicity

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We all know individuals who either make resolutions or pick an inspirational word for the new year?

I—on the other hand—do neither.

New Year’s Resolutions

Resolutions stress me out. They are things that occupy space on my to-do list or in my mind and eventually, things I feel guilty about for failing to achieve.

In place of making resolutions once per year, I keep a list all year long of ideas. Things I want to do, places I want to see…these sort of things.

Moreover, personal goals such as workout morelose weight, or diet are now forbidden on any list. I no longer see my body as an enemy to submit to my whims or my will. My body is a friend to treat with kindness. I listen to it and move when it wants to move and feed it when it wants to be fed.

We are learning to be best friends my body and me after being nemesis far too long. It was all on me though. The dislike.

I no longer keep a forbidden food list. I give myself the freedom to live and enjoy life.

Yes, even ice cream or pizza.

I choose to feed my body well for health and not for looks. I gave up on harsh workouts and wanting my body to fit some societal norm of beauty. My body is a tool, not something to gawk at. I am a person not eye candy—not that I ever was.


Words are not something which ever came to me to mark any year.

Neither did I try very hard to come up with one.

January first just marks the beginning of a new year and the end of another one. I am grateful for the happenings and blessings of one and excited for any day I get to be alive and enjoy the other. Yes, even the struggles for they make me all the more grateful for the blessings.

Now, I am not always this magnanimous. I have perfectly horrid days and moment when I wallow deep in the mud.

My Word for the New Year

For all the reasons listed above, I was a tad surprised when a word presented itself in the recesses of my mind and subsequently made itself happily at home there.

The word is simplicity.


What did that even mean?

At first, I thought this meant living a simpler life. Buying less. Enjoying more. Being content with what I have. Focusing on what genuinely matters.

These types of things.

As the month of January speedily ticked by—and I was confronted with some personal struggles—I realized simplicity was also simplicity of mind and emotions. A simpler life all around—externally and internally.

We are almost at the end of the month as I write this post. And, just now, I decided to find the definition of the word simplicity:

The state of being simple, uncomplicated, or uncompounded. Freedom from pretense or guile.

Now that I read these definitions, I can see the wisdom of my inner workings. The word simplicity sums up perfectly what I yearn for and what I am walking toward.

Simplicity indeed.

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