blessed rain
Blessed Rain
As I sit at my dining room table, watching the cloudy grey sky through my bay windows, I am sincerely hoping
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Body Acceptance Ep. 10
This episode focuses on body acceptance. We will cover questions such as these: Body hate is it effective? Societal norms of beauty
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Shame on You
Shame on You! [A Bad Tool For Change]
Shame on you! Most of us have heard this sentence, sometimes repeatedly! Even if it was not uttered out loud,
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Diets or Dieting Ep. 9
In this episode, I will talk about diets and dieting I will cover these subjects: Is there a perfect diet?
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hero's thank you
A Hero’s Thank You
Recently, while on a date, hubs shared with me his views on a hero’s thank you. If this expression makes
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Body Acceptance
Body Acceptance: Make Friends With Your Body
I dare you. Start focusing on body acceptance. Indeed, make friends with your body. Do it. Or, at the very least
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Dark Night of the Soul
The Dark Night of the Soul (Part 2)
Some wiser than I have come up with a more poetic way to describe The Pit. I have heard it
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dark places
The Pit aka The Dark Places (Part 1)
The dark places. You know. The places where we land in a heap when life’s events toss us about like
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Seasons of Life
The Seasons of Life [and Nature]
A few weeks ago, I asked my followers on Facebook an innocuous question: What is your favorite season? Their answers
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always Second Place
Always Second Place
Have you ever felt like you always lag behind in second place? Something like this: you take on a hobby,
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Price of Silence
The Price of Silence
The price of silence can be a tremendous burden…one I will no longer — willingly — carry.   The Midnight Muse
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