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I wrote the following blog post about my “View on Diets” in March of 2017 when I lived another life. Not really, I wasn’t living another life although I was (still am as of today) the owner of another blog with a substantial number of Facebook followers (over 55K).

As I sit here, a few months later, in front of my computer screen, I am seriously considering walking away from it all.


In truth, I am not sure I have yet fully grappled with all the answers to my “why.” One of the many reasons is that I feel I am not really making a difference.


How it Started

On the Facebook page mentioned above, I posted daily inspirational – or humorous – quotes. Some individuals were started to give me some serious flack by leaving comments such as these: “stick to recipes” or snarkier comments such as  “oh, I did not know THAT was a recipe.”

I am a pretty sharp cookie, and I was getting the notion some followers really wanted me to stick to writing recipes ONLY. Forget the fact there are already gazillions of recipe sites on the internet.

Don’t get me wrong, recipes are great. Food is wonderful. Nevertheless, I am not entirely sure my particular site made any significant difference. I was a small fish in a big pond.

On the other hand,  I loved encouraging others and brightening someone’s day more than posting recipes. I did not intend to stop posting my daily quotes despite the haters.



I took a gamble and decided to rebrand my site. I wanted to share recipes as well as other interesting articles about books I had just read, reviews of products, etc.

I wanted to write a lifestyle blog.

Professionally, rebranding was taking a big leap since this decision could sink my site.

While I really wanted my blog to succeed, I didn’t want to be locked into recipe writing in perpetuum* (that’s a fancy Latin word which means “forever”).

*Latin: you have my teachers to thank for the Latin. I was absolutely horrible at French spelling, and my educators felt that by learning Latin I would improve. It didn’t improve one iota. Moreover, one year of Latin was all I could stomach. But I digress.



Through my blog, I have met some pretty amazing people, and some I now call friends. This personal touch is what makes me smile and likewise brings me joy, this is the reason I wanted to blog in the first place.

I am well aware I may not be able to affect multitudes and honestly, this is not my goal. However, I can have an impact on the one person who shows up.

My joy for blogging was not in the number of visitors I garnished, but instead, my delight came from those who by my blog and who found peace, joy, or maybe even chuckled at my post.

THAT brought me joy, THAT made my time on the computer worth it, THAT made me happy!


A New Path

Also, for over a decade now, out of necessity, I have been a student of the mind-body connection, attachment theory, and a slew of other subjects.

My studies and my blog writing started to both nag at me. It was a slow, steady hum I could not ignore.

I started wondering if maybe I was on the wrong path. If just perhaps, there was something else for me to do. Shall I even say a calling of sorts, and if there wasIs, what was it?


A New Type of Post

As I mentioned above, I wrote the blog post on my View on Diets in March because I was getting some complaints and I wanted to address them.

After writing this particular blog post, I realized I wrote about something I felt deeply. This very post may have been the catalyst to my thinking I needed to head in a different direction.

While I still do not have all my ducks in a row and my path has not been made all that clear, I think I may be headed in a different direction (as this new blog proves).

I won’t lie, I am still waiting for “the cosmic message in the clouds” which will give me the perfect answer. Until – or if – such an event occurs, I will continue to humbly fumble forward until I get my answer(s).



my views on diets


The Original Post on my Views on Diets

I often get comments from people on some of the ingredients in my recipes. “How can you use this _____?” , “You should use this _____,” or  ” I will no longer promote you, you used ____ in this recipe.”

Some don’t want sugar; others don’t want a slew of other ingredients. The fact of the matter is that there are so many diets out there.

I decided to share my views on diets in one blog post.


My Views on Diets

While I don’t personally have an issue with anyone eating a particular way, I do have a problem with those who are militant in their views and who try to make converts of those around them.

I have yet to encounter a single exchange on the internet – or in person – where name calling, accusations, shaming, or pointing out the “errors” of someone’s ways made anyone recant. The results of such altercations have never been: “Gee, thanks for butting into my business, I see it your way now” or “thanks for calling me an ignorant moron, I see the errors of my ways.”

The fact of the matter is that the sayings: “don’t show me what you know show me how you care” or “be the change you want to see in the world” are true and wise. People don’t give a darn about your (you can put “my” there too) opinions unless they know you love and care for them first.

My Choices

Are there foods I will not eat?


Do I believe my views and my data to be “right”?

Of course, I do. If I believed my views to be wrong, I would neither hold to them nor share them. The same goes for everyone.

Have I always been right?

Goodness no.

Have my views ever changed over time?

Yes (thank God).

Life Is a Journey

I am staring my fifth decade of life squarely in the face, and I thank God I have grown, changed, and matured. Life circumstances have shaped me. While some of my beliefs have remained the same, others have evolved or gone by the wayside altogether.

To be honest, I worry about people who never change.

I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut unless directly asked for my opinion.


Because I discovered pretty early in life, the sun did not revolve around me (who knew?), and that not everyone cared to hear my point of view (although they should…just kidding). Unless individuals knew I cared about them first, they were not keen on hearing my opinions.

The same goes for me.


I have recipes on my blog I no longer make and others I currently modify when I do make them.


Because I am ever-learning, ever-growing, and ever-changing.

I am appreciative others are on their own journey, with their own external and internal struggles, and I was not put on this earth to be “Messiah” to anyone.

I have my path to follow.

My job is to keep my eyes on my horizon (which keeps me plenty busy thank you very much) and to trust that others do the same even if their mission makes no sense to me.

Do I have less than kind thoughts about some of the choices others make?


Not something I am particularly proud of. I am a work in progress, and I have yet to attain perfection (and I honestly don’t expect to on this side of heaven). I am a beautiful mess called a human, as are you.


My Views on Diets: The “Science” of Nutrition

The science of nutrition is its infancy (it was birthed in the 19th century). It is a relatively new science which changes all the time. The variables are many.

I believe as our fingerprints are unique, so is our biochemistry, thoughts, childhood, etc. We are unique, and there are (or should be) as many diets as they are people.

Yes, some diets work, especially for the creators of such diets as well as a handful of their followers.

Can we all agree some foods are not as healthy as others?


However, I believe anyone should have the right to eat them. This is called freedom. Something we all love.

I also believe that these things are much more destructive than any one food (or food group),  negatives thoughts, negative words, and people who do not mind their own business are much more toxic.

I am of the conviction that if anyone has so much time on his or her hands as to make the life of others miserable, become others’ conscience, or self-appointed diet guru; they should maybe spend their misspent energy volunteering. Indeed, this would be a better use of everyone’s time.

Going to a soup kitchen, becoming a big brother or big sister, starting a community garden, giving to others are all wonderful ways to spend one’s extra energy. Thus, that person would l have less time to complain and would actually feel good about making a positive difference in the world.


My Views on Diets: In Conclusion

You want to be vegan?

Great, go for it!

Vegetarian? Paleo? Keto? Pescatarian? GAPS? Soy-free? Whatever…

Embrace it, live it, love it….and leave others alone to find their own way.

If you are asked, then please, share and teach rather than condemn or shame.

So yes, some of my recipes use less than stellar ingredients. If you really don’t want to use one ingredient, there is often a substitute which will work for your purpose and I try to include them in the recipes.

My Family

I don’t even believe it is my job to tell my hubby, my friends, or my extended family, what to eat or not to eat. Even my teens.

Yes, there are foods I do not buy. However, by the time my kids are teens, they are on the doorsteps of adulthood. If my life has not spoken for itself by that time,  it is a tad late to make an impression. My children are well acquainted with my views and my beliefs. I respect them enough to let them make their own choices, yes, even poor ones because humans are mess-makers and I don’t think it will change anytime soon.

You know the old saying: “you attract more flies with honey than vinegar?” Grace is the honey. Criticism and unkindness, the vinegar.

Live fully, enjoy and embrace your life. None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow and while you are at it, spread kindness wherever you go!

In conclusions, what are my views on diets?

People grow best on a daily dose of love and kindness. This is the ultimate diet.


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