Chiva Falls Hike

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I hiked the Chiva Falls trail with my hubby. It was new for me. The first and last time I went to Chiva Falls was twenty-six years ago. At that time, the falls were a trickle which ended in a … Continued

Lower Javelina Hike (Wild Burro)

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I am hiking more this Spring. Lower Javelina Hike was my second hike—so, yeah, I am a newbie. On this occasion, my daughter and the twins decided to accompany me. The weather was magnificent: sunny with a refreshing breeze. Perfect … Continued

Sweetwater Preserve Hike

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Every Fall and Winter, I have the best of intentions. The temperatures are heavenly and we—desert dwellers—can be active outside without the fear of frying. Subsequently, every year, I plan to go hiking because I love walking and I love … Continued