Books I Read In January 2019

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This post is the list of books I read in January—all twenty-six of them! I am quite surprised. Twenty-six books in one month has to be a record—even for a bookworm like myself! If you have any good book title … Continued

My Must Read Book List of 2018

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I am a reader, this is no secret. Never has been. I wanted to share my list of most inspiring books of 2018. Sadly, for most of the year, I only recorded non-fiction books which means I have no recollection … Continued

February Booksale

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This post will be updated every week with some ebook sales. I will include Audible and regular book deals whenever there are some. This will be a new monthly feature for I LOVE books! Week of February Four FREE Christian … Continued

Books I Read In December 2018

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As a new year begins, I realize my last month of 2018 was very productive in the reading department. I am often overwhelmed by the vast amount of books still remaining to be read. My reading lists are long and … Continued

Books I Read In November 2018

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Books I read in November is part of a feature which is now a tad over a year old and which I first began when I started my Happiness Project—and this blog. This feature has evolved over the year and … Continued

Books I Read In October

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    In October, I spent two and a half weeks traveling to and from France. It was glorious and filled with familiar faces I don’t get to see often enough. I made enough juicy memories to feed my soul … Continued

Books I Read In September

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I am excited to share the list of the books I read in September.
If you are a regular to this “book lover” feature of my blog, you may have noticed I was not as enthused to read this Summer as I usually am. My reading list was small as I focused more on works of fiction.

Books I Read in July

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Apparently, I have slowed down quite a bit with my monthly reading. Nonetheless, I will still share my list of books I read in July (minus the fiction books).     Books I Read In July Audible Books Infinite Awareness: … Continued