I often say I have a wild mind. I don’t mean I am crazy — although some could debate this point. Rather, my mind is fertile and busy.

A fertile mind can be wonderful when I am called upon to be creative. However, a busy mind is not such a positive trait when I want my mind to be still and quiet. Serenity does not come easily to me although it is a quality I desire and one which I try to practice.

Moreover, my thoughts are not often content being silent. Most often, they require to be spoken or written. They want to take shape in some creative way. At the very least they want to be heard. Speaking liberates them from my mind and frees me from their constant chatter.

Once birthed, they are content and often leave me.

My mind can be quite bubbly and effervescent with ideas and words coming and going on a perpetual continuum. Here one minute, gone the next, and then back again.

I guess this is the reason some refer to our minds as the “monkey minds.” Indeed, many of us have busy minds. Often, over busy and overburdened.

When I take the time to write my thoughts and ideas down on paper — or on a screen — I often come here and post them. I don’t post them for adulations, or out of pridefulness. I post them because sometimes, someone needs to know they are not alone.

When we connect with a person who “understands” or who speak our thoughts, it enables us to recognize our humanity and our connections with others.

Validation is important.

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