2018 found me joining the ranks of podcasters, many of whom are far better at this medium than I am or could ever be.

Some of the “podcasting” technology itself still has me scratching my head. A lot of the jargon is a foreign language I can’t seem to master. And while you could be asking yourself “so why bother?”, let me assure you I have also asked myself this very question with no profound answer I am afraid.

Normally, I prefer not to do anything which makes me feel vulnerable although it seems most often I am asked to do and/or choose to do just that.

Over the years, I have been asked to share my thoughts on various topics. Admittedly, most of the individuals who have done so already know me and therefore, I think they are biased.

Thus, I could — maybe I should — disregard their opinion as hogwash. However, I don’t want to live life safely from a distance, never participating or trying something new because I am afraid. I want to LIVE even when it means I will do something which will fail or something at which I do not excel.

Granted, I would prefer to do something in which I shine and which garners me my much-loved gold stars.

There is a major caveat with this theory: being hard on myself, I do not feel I excel at anything. I am replete with mediocre talents and despite this fact, I still find much joy in many of them.

If complete mastery was required for enjoyment — of anything — few of us would ever attempt something new. If blessed, we could maybe pursue one or two avenues and that is about it.

Being part of the human race means there is always “better than.”

All this to say, I decided to try doing a podcast. If it fails, no harm done — except for maybe a bit of my pride. Then again, I do not have many expectations therefore, I have little to lose.

If you are curious you can find all the episodes below by clicking the button.


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