My Must Read Book List of 2018

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I am a reader, this is no secret. Never has been.

I wanted to share my list of most inspiring books of 2018. Sadly, for most of the year, I only recorded non-fiction books which means I have no recollection of my favorite fiction books.

My preferred fiction genre is mystery or suspense with a caveat—no sex, no cussing. no gore. What can I say? I am a sensitive soul.

My Must-Read Book List of 2018

In no particular order.

NOTE: There are Amazon affiliate links on this page. When you use them, I get a small commission. HOWEVER, this does in no way mean, this influences the following list.


Rising Strong As A Spiritual Practice

by Brené Brown

This “book” is available on audiobook only. It is not a book per se but rather a talk about the book Rising Strong. It expands on the concept of the book. And, yes, I listened to this talk before reading the book.

Buy Rising Strong as A Spiritual Practice

Braving The Wilderness

by Brené Brown

You may notice a pattern. I admit it, I am a Brené Brown lover. I love her research and it inspires me to become a better version of myself.

Buy Braving The Wilderness

Rising Strong

by Brené Brown

Great book which really spoke to me and would have been helpful when I was in The Pit. And yes, another Brené Brown book.

Buy Rising Strong

Dare to Lead

by Brené Brown

I promise, last book by Brené Brown—for this year.

It is a compilation of the research from three books—still worth the read.

Buy Dare to Lead

Present Over Perfect

by Shauna Niequist

Very sweet and inspiring book.

Well written and enjoyable.

Buy Present Over Perfect

must read book list


The Alchemist

by Paul Coehlo

I loved this book which I found so inspiring and thought-provoking.

A must read in my opinion.

Buy The Alchemist

I love all mysteries by Christy Barritt and I really enjoyed her new series The Worst Detective Ever and a stand-alone book Edge of Peril.

Unintended Target

by D. L. Wood

While I did not care for the sequel, I really enjoyed this book.

Buy Unintended Target

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