March Happiness Project Themes

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It’s this time again and I share my March Happiness Project themes.

I am entering the sixth month of my Happiness Project. Almost half a year and I have no plans to stop anytime soon. More action steps come to me on a regular basis.

Working on this project has indeed increased my happiness and this effect happened almost instantaneously. I don’t believe it is working with my action steps which brought this increased happiness—although most of the time they do—but rather, the intense zeroing in on the subject of happiness itself.


Spotlighting happiness brought more mindfulness and, in turn, gratefulness for the bliss I already possessed. Subsequently, each action steps further honed onto the focal point of happiness.

Not all action steps bring more pleasure and joy. Some have been discarded during the course of this project. However, even when tossed aside, the action steps did serve their purpose by pointing out which one increased my happiness and those which hindered that goal.

My happiness formula: Increased focus plus increased mindfulness coupled with gratefulness equals increased happiness.

March Happiness Project Themes

March Happiness Project Themes

I don’t have many action steps this month. I am stilling keeping up—mostly—with the action steps I started during previous months as well.

Wholeheartedness: Song and Dance

After becoming inspired by the work of Dr. Brené Brown—especially her call to wholeheartedness—I wish to work with the happiness project in conjunction with wholeheartedness. My goal is to work on all the 10 guideposts Bréné talks about.

Last month, I worked on including more laughter to my life. The second part of this guidepost is song and dance which will be my focus this month.


Years ago, I used to faithfully listen to spiritual messages and I have sadly fallen away from this practice. I want to start again.

Work Education

I am a certified craniosacral therapist and a Bionetic practitioner. I want to review and organize my notes from all the classes I have taken.

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