January Happiness Project Summary

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I am a tad overdue for my January happiness project summary. However, for whatever reason, I wasn’t super motivated to share my summary, mainly out of laziness I think.

I can’t believe another month has gone by and I have just completed the fourth month of my happiness project, a third of a year. Pretty amazing.

I am grateful for this process which so far has been vastly successful. My results are not due to any huge external changes but rather from many small internal ones.


January Happiness Project Summary


Only one action step under marriage “don’t fish for praise” 

I am quite satisfied with my results. although on occasion I still asked, “How was dinner?” However, I consider this line of questioning as wanting feedback rather than asking for praise.

Come to find out that hubs is rather complimentary on his own.


I had four actions step in this category:

  1. Have a family dinner once per week.
  2. Keep in touch ~ Write a letter!
  3. Plan a craft.
  4. Go on a special outing.

Family dinner was a dud. Reality did not meet my expectation and I am okay with this at the moment.

Don’t get me wrong, I do cook dinner most nights, we just don’t necessarily all sit down to eat together. Getting all of us together has proved harder than I initially thought.

On a positive note, we generally spend a lot of time together every day. Hubby is a firefighter and works 24-hour shifts, this means he is home for 24 hours every other day. Additionally, he gets multiple days off in a row after every tour (five days on). My kids are homeschooled and I am a stay-at-home mom. We are together A LOT, therefore, sitting down together for dinner is not an imperative.


I sent letters to my sons who live in Colorado. I didn’t receive an answer but then again, I didn’t expect to. I plan on continuing with this step.

Plan a Craft

Our craft this month was origami.

I borrowed a few books from the library to help us out and I bought a couple packs of origami paper. It turns out one of my twins really loves making crafts. He made origami gifts for some of his friends.

Special Outing

We had two special outings this month: one to the Sonoran Desert Museum (with the littles) and the other to The Gaslight Theater (as a family). Both outings were great fun.

We have a yearly family pass for the Desert Museum because we go a few times a year. We went early enough to see the rapture flight which I had never seen before. Despite a very windy day, seeing these birds fly and up close was grandiose. A red-tailed hawk flew 12 inches over my head…amazing!

The Gaslight Theater always makes for a fun evening.


Abe is a recurring category.

We are moving forward albeit slower than a turtle (or more precisely as a tortoise*).The way I see it, ANY move forward is to be celebrated.

*Tortoises live in the Sonoran desert where we live


January Happiness Project Summary



One action step in this category: write a letter.

I wrote a letter to my bestie who surprised me by answering!  Call me old fashioned as I think there is nothing quite as exciting as getting snail mail. I have already responded and look forward to more mail.

I also had a friend who was having a very hard time and was unable to receive emails or texts so we wrote back and forth all month.

Very fun!



Bleeding Themes


I starting sneaking more laughter into my life. I love a good laugh and hope to find more ways to have a daily laugh.


My husband often shows he loves me by doing acts of service for me. Early in our marriage, this used to bother me. My erroneous belief was that if he loved me he would speak my language (words of praise), right?

This was such a faulty assumption on my part and, a regretful one.

I have chosen to see any act of love exactly as that…an act of love no matter how love shows up. Living this way is much easier than staring at the glass half empty instead.


Discarded or Neglected Action Steps


I realized there are some future action steps on my Happiness Project plan which I have decided not to pursue at this time.One of these action steps is making new friends. I have decided that this is not for me right now nor in the foreseeable future.

Currently, my focus is my family and my current friends. I don’t have the time — nor the desire — to go out and make new friends although I will welcome new friends if — in the course of life — I encounter new ones.

New friendships take an incredible amount of energy, especially in the beginning. Time is something which I currently have in short supply. I am content with the wonderful people who surround me now.


Running my household is a full-time job and it is also quite time-consuming.

I need to balance the needs of my family with my personal needs. I haven’t always been good at taking “me time” in the past to my great detriment. In order to have a clean and organized home at all times, I would need to become a drill sergeant which would NOT make me happy.

I have successfully maintained order and organization in my personal spaces and with my paperwork. I have also chosen to tolerate a certain amount of disorder in the rest of my home for the sake of my peace and the peace of my loved ones. I am content with this choice.

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