Human Kindness [Random Acts of Kindness]

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After writing my post about Random Acts of Kindness, I logged onto Facebook the following morning to the first video below. A beautiful example of human kindness.

I smiled, cried and was inspired.

I decided to share inspiring videos of human kindness.


Planting Seeds

Every day, whether on TV, in print, or on the internet, the media thrives on reporting evil while spreading division, while people all over the globe perform random acts of kindness.

They aren’t looking for recognition nor applause. They merely want to be kind.

Just as there is a seed of evil in all human hearts, there is also a seed of kindness.

Which will you water?

Warning: have a Kleenex (or many). I cried through every one of these.


Thank a Cop

Heritage High School in Brentwood, California, wanted to show a little love for their awesome campus police officer. Here’s a look at how they honored him with this DUDE be nice Project.


Human Kindness

Not for fame nor glory….just because.


Thank a Coach

Davis HS in Davis, California, wanted to do something nice for one of the most inspiring staff members on their campus, so this is what they pulled off. The DUDE. be nice Project is a platform to get young people stoked for doing nice things for awesome people.



Human Kindness



Thank a Janitor

Our friends from Los Primeros School in Camarillo, California, have a lot of love for a custodian at their school and they wanted to make sure he knew it.




Treat People as People


Good Samaritan


True Love

Angel Amyotte reached out to with a simple wish; she wanted us to give her husband Mike just one good day. We thought we’d do her one better.



Cindy Davis shares the same birthday week as her favorite teacher. This year Davis’s only birthday wish was to track her down and say thank you.


A Calling

Two years ago, Eugene Yoon made the craziest decision of his life. With no degree or plan, he decided he wanted to help a paralyzed man walk again.

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