Happiness Project March Summary

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This blog post is my Happiness Project March summary. This feature has been a recurring monthly tradition since October 2017 when I started my project.

Customarily, this summary is a glorious report about my Happiness Project successes over the past month. Sadly, I will have no such dazzling announcements this time.

My March happiness project was more similar to someone trying to race knee-deep in molasses than a train happily chugging along its tracks.

This is not to say I quit and gave up on my project. To the contrary. I still performed my action steps, at least the ones previously stared.  When it came to my March resolutions, I lacked enthusiasm.

In truth, I was a bit overwhelmed and lost. I have no better explanation for my lack of devotion.

I felt “bleh.”

Yes, bleh.

While bleh is no grandiose adjective, in this case, it is perfectly descriptive of my state of mind.




March Happiness Project Themes

I had picked three new action steps for March:

  • Wholeheartedness: Song and Dance
  • Spirituality: I planned to listen to spiritual messages on a regular basis.
  • Work Education: I wanted to review and organize my notes from all the classes I have taken.


Happiness Project March Summary

Results: a big zip.

Song and Dance

As far as dancing, it was an absolute dud.

I was a smidgen more successful in the song department. I created various lists in Pandora and I made it a point to listen to them regularly — almost daily.

I even played jazzy background music during our weekly brunches or some soothing instrumental piano melodies as we gathered at the end of the day.

Why haven’t I done this before?

Hearing old songs I had all but forgotten about was like seeing an old friend again.

What fun!

Moreover, my family even took a liking to this step. Another plus.


I listened to a spiritual talk once — don’t judge — and even then, I did not even finish it. This resolution felt more like “one-more-thing-to-cross-of-my-already-long-list” than a blessing. Rather than being nourishing, it felt draining.

No thanks.

I did not feel ready to pursue this goal.

Listening for the sake of listening while getting nothing out of it was a waste of time.

While I was not successful with this action step, I have not completely abandoned it.  I do plan to delay it to another time.


I did nothing at all with my class notes as I couldn’t muster the gumption — nor the enthusiasm — to pursue this resolution. Before I pursue this step, I first need to figure out where I am headed with my work.

Do I want to increase my craniosacral practice?

Do I want to focus more on the bionetic aspect?

Do I want to pursue writing?

At this junction, I have no clear answers although there are many possibilities. I can do many things, however, I cannot do everything.

Where am I wanted and needed?

As equally important — even maybe more so — what do I want to do? What brings me joy AND fulfillment?

Questions I feel maybe I should have answered decades ago. It feels a tad surreal to be making these inquests at this point in my life.

Even so, I have to acknowledge what is and that this is where I am in my life.


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