Greentoes Tucson: An eco-chic day spa

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On her thirteenth birthday, my daughter wanted to have a pedicure—neither of us had ever had one.

My husband was concerned about the chemicals in nail polish. Therefore, I searched to see if there was a greener alternative in our neck of the woods.  Lo and behold, I located a brand new salon called Greentoes Tucson: An eco-chic mani-pedi day spa.

My daughter, a friend of hers and I had a delicious and rich experience getting pampered—that was five years ago.

Mother-Daughter Traditions

My daughter and I also have a yearly tradition which precedes Greentoes. Early Summer, we get away for a girl “camping” trip—aka stay at a beautiful and quaint resort binging on girl movies….mostly mysteries.

In the early years of this mother-daughter girl time, we went to the theater and stayed one night. One night led to two and then to three.

We save all year for this shebang and we would not miss it.

We spoil ourselves, eat cheesecake, and relish this special time. No noise, no boys to complain about our movie choices…just good times between girls.

About three years ago, we upgraded our normal routine and decided to spend an afternoon at Greentoes: massage, facial, and a pedi for me, and a facial and mani-pedi for her.

Greentoes Tucson

Greentoes is nestled on a quaint street close to downtown Tucson in a historical part of town—it’s easy to miss between the larger buildings which surround this small refurbished house. There is plenty of parking in the back of the building, which is a blessing in that part of town. The house is quite cute and inviting. The lobby is small but well arranged, with wooden floors throughout.

The walls are a calming and neutral grey and white. The staff is very professional meanwhile maintaining a sweet sense of comfort.

We were offered a beverage upon our arrival, and then offered a private room; which we chose to decline—there is an additional charge for the privilege.

The pedicure room is beautiful, spacious, bright, and airy. Their products are eco-friendly.

We were offered a few scent choices for the bath salts. My daughter had the jasmine—she always chooses jasmine. I had a crisp, fresh, and warm citrus.
Knowing I would be sitting for hours, I was prepared to keep my hands busy with my Christmas knitting project. That well thought-out plan fell by the wayside rather expediently. The warm water, the delicious scents, and the heavenly foot massage had me too relax to want to do anything—especially concentrating on a knitting pattern.

Greentoes: Fun Info

At the time, the cheapest pedicure was the Express—$35.

Greentoes Tucson also offers manicures, waxing, facials, massages, and reflexology foot massage.

Overall, we really loved the place.

It was started by a school teacher, Christina Rossetti Thompson. From what I gathered, her husband stepped in to care for the spa—which had been her dream—after her MS diagnosis. Very sweet story.

We wish Christina and her family all the best. She has indeed created a little jewel in the desert, where people can relax while being pampered.

They run a fair amount of specials—gift certificates and packages—for Black Friday and that is when I purchase our packages for June aka. our “camping” outing.

Update On Greentoes

A few months ago, Greentoes opened a new, quite large, and magnificent facility at a new location on the Northwest side of town—Oracle and Roller Coaster Road.

We plan to go to the new place this year not because of the beautiful building but rather because our favorite gal is there and we have been with her since day one. So for old time sakes and because we adore her, we will travel further to see her—and be pampered.

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