Showing Love with a Friendship Ball

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My best friend is the person who introduced me to the friendship ball. She was gifted one by another friend a while back. I had forgotten about this idea until I noticed hers hanging in the kitchen during my recent stay with her, awaiting her baby girl’s arrival.


What is a Friendship Ball?

My friend’s friendship ball is silver, the size of a baseball, and opens with hinges. The ball’s cavity is usually filled with small gifts, notes, or whatever fits the opening, and suits your purposes.

I found the entire concept beautiful.

The notion of a friendship ball is multifaceted for me. This concept fuels my joy and love of wonder as well as my delight in giving. It helps keep the fun in any relationship. It also enables me to let my loved ones know I care and think about them.


Traditions can become stuffy and burdensome. Traditions can also be comforting and engaging.

I decided I wanted to start a new tradition based on the friendship ball. However, procuring one proved more complicated than I anticipated.

My first stumbling block came when I typed “friendship ball” into Google’s search engine. The results were not what I was looking for.

The friendship balls my initial search revealed were gorgeous glass orbs. Albeit beautiful, they were nevertheless not what I desired.

I then typed “friendship ball which opens”, “silver friendship ball“, and “friendship ball with hinges.” The last word grouping proved to be the most fruitful as an exact picture of what I was looking for appeared on my screen.



The History of the Friendship Ball

Come to find out; the friendship ball is a British tradition. The ball was customarily filled with meaningful gifts and passed back and forth between friends – usually females – throughout the years.

Giddy over my lengthy but nevertheless successful search; I purchased three friendship balls: one for my daughter, the other for my husband, and the last one, for my daughters-in-law.

However, I reserve the right to change my mind – as necessary – about whom the recipient of each friendship ball will be. I have not thought the entire plan just yet.

The ball I designated for my daughter might be passed along to all my kids. I am not confident my sons – or little ones – will be all that interested in this concept, nevertheless, I can try and see.

The friendship ball tradition has room to evolve as needed.


Friendship Ball


Giving the Friendship Balls

Upon their arrival, I was quick to fill all my friendship balls with goodies, mainly chocolate: for hubby, an organic dark chocolate peanut butter cup; for my daughter, mini Kit Kats, and for one of my daughters-in-law, Ferraro Rocher.

My husband received his friendship ball on our December surprise date, and my daughter’s a few days later.  I have one more waiting to be gifted.

This morning, surprise!

I had one ball waiting for me filled with mint chocolate. My husband already replenished his empty ball and returned it to me.

What fun!

This occurred much faster than I anticipated and it was, therefore, a complete surprise.

I shared my chocolates with my kiddos.

They were delicious.

Now, who shall receive this ball next and what shall I find to tuck inside?

Any ideas are welcome and please share them in the comments below.


Gift Ideas

I have a few ideas of my own:

  • Candy, chocolate, or another such treat.
  • Love note.
  • Gift card.
  • A small piece of custom jewelry.
  • Miniatures.
  • A small piece for a beloved collection.

And that’s about it. So please, if you have other ideas, do tell!


The Friendship Ball Poem

Each ball comes with the following poem:

A ball is a circle.
No beginning, no end.
It keeps us together
like our circle of friends. 


The treasure inside
For just you to see,
Is the treasure of friendship.


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