Chiva Falls Hike

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I hiked the Chiva Falls trail with my hubby. It was new for me. The first and last time I went to Chiva Falls was twenty-six years ago. At that time, the falls were a trickle which ended in a … Continued

Sweetwater Preserve Hike

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Every Fall and Winter, I have the best of intentions. The temperatures are heavenly and we—desert dwellers—can be active outside without the fear of frying. Subsequently, every year, I plan to go hiking because I love walking and I love … Continued

Feedback From My Trip To France

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In October, I spent eighteen glorious days in France (including travel time) and as promised, I wanted to report back on the new items I purchased for this trip and which I mentioned in a previous post. I have traveled … Continued

The Marana Pumpkin Patch ~ Tucson AZ

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In the Arizonan southwest, where I now live, October is a “shoulder season” between the three-digits temperatures of Summer and Winter. I won’t cover the fact that Summer lasts upward of six months (and I am not being dramatic). The … Continued

Traveling to France

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When I travel by air — especially when traveling to France — I am meticulous in my planning and my packing. Packing is serious business for me. My goal is to pack light while taking all the essentials. A high … Continued

Preparations for Traveling Overseas

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The past month has been a flurry of preparations for traveling overseas.  One of my girls and I are going back to France to visit my family. In the past, when I went home I did not do much traveling. … Continued

The Arizona Inn: A Review

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As some of you may already know, I live in a house with a great majority of males. Indeed, hubs and I have seven sons (now only four still at home). Yes, seven. In order to offset the male energy … Continued