Books I Read in March 2019

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A great month with twenty-three books read! Audible Books Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality by Dawson Church Althought, this book is a tad dry on occasion, the information within its pages is fascinating. … Continued

Lower Javelina Hike (Wild Burro)

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I am hiking more this Spring. Lower Javelina Hike was my second hike—so, yeah, I am a newbie. On this occasion, my daughter and the twins decided to accompany me. The weather was magnificent: sunny with a refreshing breeze. Perfect … Continued

Books I Read in February of 2019

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Nineteen books this month…not too shabby. Do you have a favorite book? A favorite genre? You can share with me in the comment section. Non-Fiction Books I Read for February 2019 Five Minute Meditation: Mindfulness, Stress Relief, and Focus for … Continued

Books I Read In January 2019

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This post is the list of books I read in January—all twenty-six of them! I am quite surprised. Twenty-six books in one month has to be a record—even for a bookworm like myself! If you have any good book title … Continued

My Must Read Book List of 2018

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I am a reader, this is no secret. Never has been. I wanted to share my list of most inspiring books of 2018. Sadly, for most of the year, I only recorded non-fiction books which means I have no recollection … Continued

Top Articles of 2018

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A new year has dawned—they seem to come faster than they used to—and I wanted to look back on my readers’ favorite articles from 2018. #5 Heavenly Wink I believe God gives us some “heavenly winks” or messages and signs … Continued

Books I Read In December 2018

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As a new year begins, I realize my last month of 2018 was very productive in the reading department. I am often overwhelmed by the vast amount of books still remaining to be read. My reading lists are long and … Continued