February Booksale

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This post will be updated every week with some ebook sales. I will include Audible and regular book deals whenever there are some. This will be a new monthly feature for I LOVE books! Week of February 4th FREE Christian … Continued

DIY Taco seasoning Mix

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Until I came to the United States, I had never tasted Mexican food. I now live very close to the Southern border of the US and I am blessed to enjoy the best Mexican food: fresh and bursting with flavor. … Continued

Top Articles of 2018

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A new year has dawned—they seem to come faster than they used to—and I wanted to look back on my readers’ favorite articles from 2018. #5 Heavenly Wink I believe God gives us some “heavenly winks” or messages and signs … Continued

DIY Chocolate Fudge Syrup

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My eldest son was having a birthday. One of our birthday family traditions is that the birthday boy or girl chooses their dinner and dessert. For the longest time, any time I ask one of the Littles what they wanted for … Continued

Books I Read In December 2018

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As a new year begins, I realize my last month of 2018 was very productive in the reading department. I am often overwhelmed by the vast amount of books still remaining to be read. My reading lists are long and … Continued

Gluten Free Snowball Cookies

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Christmas is barreling upon us like a freight train! Every year, it surprises me when this holiday arrives when, truthfully, it shouldn’t. Maybe this peculiarity is due to the fact that I am getting older—and time speeds up every year—or, … Continued