Feedback From My Trip To France

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In October, I spent eighteen glorious days in France (including travel time) and as promised, I wanted to report back on the new items I purchased for this trip and which I mentioned in a previous post. I have traveled … Continued

Books I Read In October

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    In October, I spent two and a half weeks traveling to and from France. It was glorious and filled with familiar faces I don’t get to see often enough. I made enough juicy memories to feed my soul … Continued

Mexican Hot Cocoa For Two

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“Baby it’s cold outside!”  Yes, even here in the Southwest United States. A warm cup of Mexican hot cocoa will do quite nicely to keep my innards nice and toasty. Especially if I savor it in my favorite mug while … Continued

Metabolism Damage Ep. 14

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Today’s episode is about metabolism damage and I will cover these subjects:   What is metabolism damage? My story The body’s ability to heal Splendid truths   Other Podcasts of Interest: Diets Body acceptance This is me Other Articles of Interest: … Continued

Book Club Ep. 13

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I love love LOVE books and I want to share that love with others. In this episode, we will talk about: How life-altering books can be My views and goals for the book club The first book we will cover … Continued

Books I Read in September

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I am excited to share the list of the books I read in September. If you are a regular to this “book lover” feature of my blog, you may have noticed I was not as enthused to read this Summer … Continued