April Happiness Project Themes

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In March, I started thinking about the coming month’s new action steps. In truth, I was having a hard time selecting April Happiness Project Themes.

I believe this hesitation was due to a quandary: I had just completed six month of my Happiness Project and I thought maybe I needed to change the way I was approaching my project.


Be Florence

During the course of this enterprise, I have discovered I am rather random and pick — or discard — action steps mid-month or whenever the fancy strikes me. On the other hand, the book’s author — Gretchen Rubin — was the complete opposite. She was organized, methodical and disciplined.

Gretchen Rubin, I am not

While this venture has been nothing but a blessing and I am still determined and delighted to pursue it, I wondered how to better approach it moving forward as well as to better mold it to my life and my needs.

No clear plan had presented itself.

Therefore, for a while, I was a bit mystified on how to proceed with the second half of my project.


April Happiness Project Themes


My Growing Family

My family is expanding in various ways: births and marriages.

I am currently on “waiting-for-new-grandbaby” mode. Shortly, I will be traveling for part of the month to Colorado to attend the birth of the new baby as well as to attend a bridal shower. I will not be going alone as four of my kids will be coming along.

I am hoping to make fun memories with my kiddos. For this purpose, I have already packed cards and board games as well as some craft projects.

We are all excited to meet the newest family member. Since we do not yet know the gender, I am guessing boy. My chances being 50/50 I will report next month to my baby gender guessing accuracy (or lack thereof).


Coming to a Decision

April Happiness Project Themes

I have finally come to a decision regarding my April Happiness project themes.

Drum roll, please.

I am not planning on doing any new action steps.  Instead, I want to review the action steps I have already accomplished thus far.

During the course of my review, I plan to ask myself some pointed questions.

  • What has worked?
  • What has not worked?
  • Which action steps need changing or discarding?
  • Do some resolution feel more like burdens than blessings?
  • Which resolutions have truly made me happy?
  • Which ones need to be kept but with some modifications?
  • Where am I headed from here?

I also intend to brainstorm further and as a result, to create a new — clearer — resolution chart.

In short, April will be a hold, review, and reorganize month rather than a “move forward month.”

I am happy with this plan of action as I currently feel a pause is quite needed. I felt a bit too disconnected during the month of  March and as a result, I found myself floundering rather than successfully nailing my resolutions.

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