Ace of Escape [An Escape Room Experience]

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My special “hubby” January date was dinner at a new restaurant (new to us) with first, an escapade at the Ace of Escape. However, before I explain further about our date, allow me to backtrack and explain why I plan one special date per month.

In November, one of my “marriage” action steps was named “date like in the beginning.” My goal was twofold: one, I wanted to show hubby how much he means to me AND two, I desired to add some pizzazz and fun to our marriage.

November’s date was a surprise breakfast. December was also a surprise (I kidnapped him). Even though I love planning surprises (they feed my love of wonder), I don’t think I can sustain the surprise-date-thing forever.


January’s Date

For the “kidnap my husband date” in December, when I showed up unexpectedly (at 6 am no less) to pick hubby up, and after he recovered from my sudden appearance, I proudly produced a lengthy list of activities and restaurants we could visit during our adventure. After all, we had a day and night all to ourselves before I dropped him off at work for his new shift the following morning.

Ace of Escape was on that December idea list even though we did not choose to go at the time.

I still felt it would be fun. Therefore, it became part of my January date.

This date was a partial surprise; the restaurant would remain a mystery, our sleuthing fun would not be.


Ace of Escape


Ace of Escape

What is it?

Ace of Escape is an escape room. Basically, you run against time (one hour) to find hidden clues, solve puzzles, and unlock one final clue to solve the mystery and escape the room.

By the way, at no time, are you locked in the room.

I am a sleuth at heart, and I do love a good mystery. This escape idea sounded exciting to me. I am not sure hubby was as enthralled with the whole idea as I was. Nevertheless, he loves me and is a good sport. He readily acquiesced to try it out.

More Info

Ace of Escapes offers three locations with multiple scenarios from novice to advanced. The minimum number of persons required to play is 2 for the novice course, 3 for the intermediate, and 4 for the advanced. The maximum number of persons is 6, 10, and 15 respectively.

An escape room is meant to foster teamwork and problem-solving skills. I am not sure that is always the case for everyone. Very competitive individuals may not find it fun, especially if they don’t escape.


Our Date

When we arrived at our location, a sweet young woman (Sabrina I think) gave us a few rules and explanations. She said we were entitled to a few clues if we got stuck.  There would be a walkie talky in the room for this purpose.

Then, she gave us our scenario, took us to our room, and started the clock.

I was really into the whole scenario and had a blast. Hubby was a bit more nonchalant about the entire thing, which I expected. Sadly, we did not escape although we were so very close, we only needed to solve one final clue.

The success rate if 70% for the novice room, and 60% for both the intermediate and the advanced rooms.

I would love to do it again.


The Kids

I was hoping my teens would be enthusiastic about going with me. Sadly, and surprisingly, none of them were all that enthralled with the idea.

I asked hubby if he would go again and the sweet man said he loves spending time with me, so he is game. 

Maybe I can round up a few more friends to do a more advanced room. I think there is strength in numbers and that it is easier to solve clues with more heads.

I am hoping my oldest daughter may be convinced to do a novice room for her 18th birthday with some of her friends, but this remains to be seen.

I — for one — was able to feel a bit like one of the heroines of my favorite clean mystery novels. I look forward to going again.


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