101 Play Food Crochet Patterns

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Knitting and crocheting are nourishing activities for me.

Although I did not become an avid knitter until my tween/teen years, my grandmother taught me to knit and purl when I was around eight or nine.

However, when I came to the United States, I was no longer able to indulge in a favorite pastime as I could no longer understand the knitting instructions. This was before the internet, YouTube, and online classes and I knew no one who could help me.

When life hands you lemons make lemonade, right?

As a result, I taught myself how to crochet (this was also before YouTube and the internet). I bought a simple pattern and made and unmade row after row until it all made sense. Learning to crochet was a lengthy process for me and a rewarding one.

As I became more proficient in English, I was eventually able to understand knitting instructions.

Overall, I am self-taught in both crafts and I personally think it shows. Despite this fact, I still enjoy knitting and crocheting.


Homemade Gifts

Yes, I’m that lady with a project bag at any and every appointment “just in case.”

Last year for Christmas, my amazing daughter-in-law asked me to make some soft food toys for her (then) two-year-old daughter.

I also made her some fruits for her birthday in July.

For Christmas, I crocheted some additional food items: pie, ice cream, pizza, donuts, sandwiches, cupcakes, and much more.

This blog post is a direct result of my foray into crochet food. Most of the patterns I used were totally free, which I loved. I included many other recipes in this post in the process of writing for a total of 101 play food crochet patterns to be exact.


101 PLay Food crochet patterns

101 Play Food Crochet Patterns

Fruit pattern by Maja Karlsson

I downloaded this pattern for free from Ravelry.

The fruits included in the pattern are strawberries, lemon, orange, watermelon slice, banana, pear, apple, grapes, and kiwi.


Sandwich pattern by Craft Foxes

101 Play Food Crochet Patterns
This picture belongs to the Craft Foxes’ website

You can find the pattern for free here.

The pattern includes instructions for making the bread, tomato slices, two different kinds of cheese, bacon, and lettuce.

Cookie Baking by Sally Byrne

101 crochet patterns
Picture belongs to Sally Byrne – used by permission

This pattern cost $6 and can be found here. I did not make it this year but it is so adorable I might make it at a later time.


Patterns by Crochet Cake Sachet

This little site is AMAZING and offers thirty-three FREE dessert patterns (cakes, cookies, etc).  This blog is a feast for the eyes.  The owner is one very talented lady.

The free patterns are offered here.


Pattern for Chocolate Sweets and Treats

This pattern costs $3.94 and you can find it here.

The pattern is for the chocolate decadence cake, individual three-tiered cakes, chocolate fudge cupcake, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate dipped strawberries and more.

Free Patterns

Anniversary rose cake (tiered cake) – pattern

Bakery treats by Joanita Theron – pattern

Bacon and eggs – pattern

Banana – pattern

Bell pepper – pattern

Bologna sandwich – pattern

Box of chocolates – pattern

Carrot – pattern

Cheeseburger and fries – pattern

Cheeseburger (2) – pattern

Cherries – pattern

Cherry pie – pattern

Chocolate chip cookies – pattern

Cinnamon roll – pattern

Corn – pattern

Croissant – pattern

Cupcakes – pattern

Cupcake (2) – pattern

Donuts – pattern (I made this)

Eggplant – pattern

Fortune cookie – pattern

Fruits – pattern

Fruit tart – pattern

Hot-dog, chicken drumstick, fruits, cheese, and more – pattern

Ice cream parlor – pattern

Jammy dodger (jam cookies) – pattern

Jumbo burger – pattern

Lemon meringue pie – pattern

Mexican dinner – pattern

Mini cakes – pattern

Mushrooms – pattern

Pancakes – pattern

Pie and ice cream cone – pattern (I made this one)

Pinwheel candy – pattern

Pizza – pattern

Pizza (2) – pattern

Popcorn – pattern

Pumpkin – pattern

Raspberries and blueberries – pattern

Shrimp – pattern

Strawberry sponge cake – pattern

Sushi – pattern

Tea and cookie set – pattern

Tomato – pattern

Waffle and fried eggs – pattern


101 PLay Food crochet patterns

More Play Food Crochet Patterns

Baked potato – $4.00 pattern

Boxes, condiments, etc – $6.00 pattern

Coffee – $4.50 pattern

Cookies – $4.50 pattern

Corn dog and fry – $4.50 pattern

Eggs with carton, celery,  grocery bag, and milk – $5.00 pattern

Frank and fries – $9.00 pattern

Garlic – $2.50 pattern   

Grilled steak dinner (with dessert) – $6.00 pattern

Hamburger with all the fixing – $3.99 pattern

Hot cocoa – $5.00 pattern

Leek – $3.99 pattern

Oreo cookies – $4.00 pattern

Pancakes – $5.99 pattern

Peelable orange – $5.00 pattern

Pigs in a blanket with taters and carrots – $5.00 pattern

Pretzel and soda – $4.00 pattern

Sausage link – $3.99 pattern

Watermelon – $4.00 pattern

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